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Microbiology in our everyday lives

Some TV ad’s suggest that bacteria must be killed!  Yet our bread, beer, wine & whisky, milk, cheese & yoghurt, beef , Quorn, biofuels, sewage works, farming and our own well being all depend on microorganisms.  Our digestive system functions smoothly only in harmony with our natural bacterial gut flora.

Designed for non-scientists, this talk looks at types of microorganisms, the historical heroes of microbiology, good and not-so-good bugs, global threats (pandemics, running out of oil) and inter alia, food safety (how to avoid food poisoning).  And just how did Salmonella bacteria get into powdered baby milk?  There is a lot to talk about and I anticipate some lively discussions afterwards.  

You can view the full presentation of this talk online.

You can see what I will show (although not what I will say & explain) by clicking a link to the innovative software used  for this talk.  If you take a look, please ignore the “Prezi stuff” at the top of the screen.  Click the “full screen” icon (like a little TV screen) at the bottom right of my presentation.  Then click “Allow full screen with keyboard control”.  Click your right arrow key and then the left arrow key to get to the first page.  Then use your right arrow key to move through the presentation.  You will first see an overview of the aspects of microbiology that will be covered.; types of bugs; historical heroes; good & pathogenic bugs; the natural world; biofuels and bioplastics; and finally food safety in the kitchen.  

You will see both the details and the scope of the talk.

Ckick the following link to see the full presentation:  http://prezi.com/dtuaqf2i2tkn/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy  

 *Well Qualified

My science degree, (B.Sc.in Applied Biology; Biochemistry &  Microbiology) & experience as managing director of a British company manufacturing and selling worldwide, an automated microbiological testing instrument qualifies me to speak on this subject matter.  Our customers included diverse food companies and governmental labs in the UK, The Netherlands and France. From my business and academic background you may gain insight into microbiology in our every day lives from cut flowers from The Netherlands to Salmonella in eggs and poultry, BSE. & DNA genotyping.

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