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My aim is to  produce talks which are interesting and enjoyable for all audiences.

Many hours of preparation; a lot of time in the field; an interest in photography and professional presentations; specialist interest groups; books and the Internet all support me in achieving this aim.

Numerous good people have helped me to find and identify species and their knowledge is shared in the talks. The UK is full of varied habitats and a rich history that never cease to fascinate the curious observer.

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Invasions of England as revealed in the English language

The American

Revolutionary war

The bloody history of the Adur valley and seven 1,000 years old churches.

My cameras function as notebooks, magnifying glass and a telescope, seeing things that would otherwise escape the naked eye.

Talks cover subjects including birds, reptiles, mammals, native orchids, spiders, butterflies and other insects of Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Easy to follow talks

To assist the hard of hearing, nature pictures are labelled with the subject name, location and date.

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Animation is integral to these talks, which requires my own PC and new powerful video projector.    

A screen and extension cable is also available.

Garden bumblebee, Bombus hortorum

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